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SEND V: Alice in Senderland

Registration is now open for our ABS 15 Local on Saturday, October 26

Register in person or by phone (513)733-0123

Pre-Reg: $25 USAC members, $30 Non-USAC members*

At the Door: $30 USAC members, $35 Non-USAC members

*Tee Shirts are only guaranteed for those registered by 10/15.

We will be hosting a Youth Only Competition in the morning, followed by an Open Competition for competitors ages 16+ in the evening.  Both sessions will have a costume competition during the scorecard tally. We hope to see your best!



Youth Comp

9am Doors Open

10am-1pm Climbing

Costume Contest during scorecard tally

2pm Awards


Open Comp

3pm Doors Open

4pm-7pm Climbing

Costume Contest during scorecard tally

8pm Awards


All times are subject to change, but we hope to be pretty close to all of the above.

SCS Local Results

Thanks so much for coming out everyone, we had a blast. See you in the fall!




Sport Results

Megan Carr Female Youth-A 1
Gabrielle Getts Female Youth-A 2
Gabrielle Zoccola Female Youth-A 3
Katharine Baldwin Female Youth-A 4
Julia Aronow Female Youth-B 1
molly marek Female Youth-B 2
Juliana Sutliff Female Youth-B 3
Chloe Degitz Female Youth-B 4
Sarah Morand Female Youth-B 5
Eliza Gregoire Female Youth-C 1
Samantha Lofman Female Youth-C 1
Shae Kelly Female Youth-C 3
Abigail Bammerlin Female Youth-C 4
Lydia Filgis Female Youth-C 5
Emma Fader Female Youth-D 1
Sydney Mueller Female Youth-D 1
Jackie Ingram Female Youth-D 3
Levi Durham Male Junior 1
Jacob Latham Male Junior 2
Matthew Middleton Male Junior 3
Thomas Hamori Male Junior 4
Logan Sawyers Male Junior 5
Derek Southward Male Youth-A 1
Nathan Frankovitz Male Youth-A 2
Adam Dock Male Youth-A 3
William Robinson Male Youth-A 4
Troy Carnwath Male Youth-A 5
Jacob Spiegel Male Youth-B 1
Mat Wichmann Male Youth-B 2
Luke Getts Male Youth-B 3
A.J. Seymour Male Youth-B 4
Jon Osterhues Male Youth-B 5
Samuel Roberts Male Youth-B 6
Benjamin Roberts Male Youth-C 1
Nuri El-Masri Male Youth-C 2
Michael Stefanou Male Youth-C 3
Zac Kroeger Male Youth-C 4
Will Starcke Male Youth-C 5
owen russell Male Youth-C 6
Caleb O’Neil Male Youth-C 7
Andrew Miller Male Youth-D 1
Ty Collin Male Youth-D 1
Jake Hamilton Male Youth-D 1
William Kelly Male Youth-D 1
Brody Kelly Male Youth-D 5

Speed Results

Megan Carr Youth-A 1
Gabrielle Zoccola Youth-A 2
molly marek Youth-B 1
Juliana Sutliff Youth-B 2
Shae Kelly Youth-C 1
Samantha Lofman Youth-C 2
Abigail Bammerlin Youth-C 3
Eliza Gregoire Youth-C 4
Lydia Filgis Youth-C 5
Sydney Mueller Youth-D 1
Samuel Roberts Youth-B 2
Jon Osterhues Youth-B 3
Mat Wichmann Youth-B 4
Zac Kroeger Youth-C 1
Nuri El-Masri Youth-C 2
Will Starcke Youth-C 3
owen russell Youth-C 4
Michael Stefanou Youth-C 5
Jake Hamilton Youth-D 1
William Kelly Youth-D 2
Ty Collin Youth-D 3
Andrew Miller Youth-D 4

SCS Youth Local Competition

Registration is now CLOSED

Thanks everyone for pre-registering, see details and running orders below.

Format: On Sight

3 Routes per Group-All Groups will be running concurrently.

Group 1 MJR, FJR, MYA will be Lead Only

Group 2 FYA, FYB, MYB will be 1 Toprope, 2 Lead

Group 3 MYC, FYC will be all Toprope

Group 4 MYD, FYD will be all Toprope

Tentative Schedule

9:30am Iso Opens (volunteer meeting)

10:30am Iso Closes (competitor meeting/rules)

10:45am Route Previews

11:00am Climbing Begins* Sport followed by Speed

2pm-ish Awards

Please complete online waivers here:





William Robinson Gabrielle Getts Michael Stefanou Emma Fader
Troy Carnwath Gabby Zoccola Caleb O’Neil Jackie Ingram
Adam Dock Megan Carr Ben Roberts Sydney Mueller
Nathan Frankowitz Katharine Baldwin Owen Russel Brody Kelly
Derek Southward Julia Aranow Will Starcke Andrew Miller
Logan Sawyers Sarah Morand Zac Kroeger Ty Collin
Levi Durham Chloe Degitz Nuri El-Masri Jake Hamilton
Thomas Hamori Molly Marek Eliza Gregoire William Kelly
Jacob Latham Juliana Sutliff Shae Kelly
Matthew Middleton Luke Getts Samantha Lofman
Sam Roberts Abby Bammerlin
Jon Osterhues Lydia Filgis
Mat Wichmann
Jacob Spiegel
AJ Seymour

Here is the more detailed schedule(excel sheet) Local Schedule

All info is subject to change, but hopefully no changes need to be made!

There will be a concession stand/bake sale to benefit a local family in need, hope you bring your appetite!









Daniel Woods Male Open 23,995 1
Neal Siphamilani Male Open 23,945 2
Dylan Barks Male Open 22,845 3
Dan Rush Male Open 21,820 4
Eric Libbe Male Open 19,740 5
Griffin Fuller Male Open 19,095 6
Frank Cleveland Male Open 18,880 7
Alex Southward Male Open 18,590 8
Grady Bagwell Male Open 16,380 9
Nathan Frankovitz Male Open 6,945 10
Caleb Dudley Male Open 5,685 11



Rachel Meyers Female Open 17,275 1
Courtney Sanders Female Open 16,765 2
Whitney Steiner Female Open 13,090 3
Alyssa Hoeper Female Open 12,390 4
Sara Berg Female Open 11,250 5
Megan Carr Female Open 9,670 6
Liz Sasseman Female Open 8,100 7



Lane Siphamilani Male Advanced 20,200 1
Santiago Casar Male Advanced 20,145 2
Robert Econs Male Advanced 19,650 3
Steve Hughett Male Advanced 18,970 4
Max Carlino Male Advanced 17,765 5
Andrew Stryker Male Advanced 17,055 6
Dan McMahon Male Advanced 16,990 7
Mitch Vernon Male Advanced 16,580 8
Chris Hesler Male Advanced 16,300 9
Jesse Thomas Male Advanced 15,180 10
Matt Hudson Male Advanced 9,685 11
Andy Lockwood Male Advanced 7,880 12
Noah Chapman Male Advanced 7,685 13



Alajandra Casar Female Advanced 13,490 1



Nathan Webster Male Intermediate 14,760 1
Donald Hoeper Male Intermediate 13,475 2
Rick Cmar Male Intermediate 13,300 3
Joe Stangel Male Intermediate 12,180 4
Monty Fuss Male Intermediate 11,580 5
Joe Mascari Male Intermediate 10,645 6
Josh Perger Male Intermediate 10,580 7
Bobby Corns Male Intermediate 9,000 8
Marlon Gibson Male Intermediate 7,890 9



Catherine Suen Female Intermediate 10,155   1
Caroline Osborne Female Intermediate 8,385   2
Rachel Pinkus Female Intermediate 7,400   3



Mike Econs Male Rec 8,995 1
Paul Vernon Male Rec 8,465 2
Jordan Hardee Male Rec 8,450 3
Bobby Hamburg Male Rec 8,055 4
James Campbell Male Rec 7,225 5
Robert Goodfellow Male Rec 7,175 6
Brian Flick Male Rec 6,295 7
Tanner Schapman Male Rec 5,290 8
Kenny Morand Male Rec 4,200 9
Alan Conner Male Rec 3,490 10
Robert Berry Male Rec 585 11



Christine Bennett Female Rec 8,985 1
Hannah Rapp Female Rec 8,365 2
Kaitlyn Hampton Female Rec 5,190 3
Helene Roussi Female Rec 3,770 4



Austin Imperial Male Junior 17,160 1
Matt Middleton Male Junior 14,285 2
Sean Middleton Male Junior 11,400 3
Taylor Hansen Male Junior 9,600 4
Logan Sawyer Male Junior 6,660 5



Evelyn Rehrey Female Junior 8,390   1



Derek Southward Male Youth-A 17,055 1
Justin Kling Male Youth-A 8,090 2
Richard Turner Male Youth-A 7,790 3



Hayley Oliver-Smith Female Youth-A 11,600 1
Gabrielle Getts Female Youth-A 8,390 2
Mary Roberts Female Youth-A 4,200 3



Max Hammer Male Youth-B 15,200 1
Jacob Spiegel Male Youth-B 10,680 2
Samuel Roberts Male Youth-B 10,665 3
Phil Kneer Male Youth-B 10,085 4
Luke Getts Male Youth-B 9,570 5
Brice Pitcairn Male Youth-B 8,990 6
Abel Eastwood Male Youth-B 8,975 7
Matt Maples Male Youth-B 8,970 8
Jon Osterhues Male Youth-B 8,395 9
Jackson Tankersley Male Youth-B 8,385 10
Gus Roussi Male Youth-B 8,265 11
A.J. Seymour Male Youth-B 8,085 12
Adam Hathaway Male Youth-B 7,800 13
Steven Maler Male Youth-B 7,190 14
Wyatt Spies Male Youth-B 4,895 15



Tessa Imperial Female Youth-B 13,570 1
Kira Breithapt Female Youth-B 10,860 2
Sarah Morand Female Youth-B 10,170 3
Julia Aronow Female Youth-B 10,155 4
Allison Price Female Youth-B 9,795 5
Laken Faber Female Youth-B 7,095 6
molly marek Female Youth-B 6,775 7
Julianna Sutliff Female Youth-B 3,800 8
Olivia DiVecchio Female Youth-B 3,700 9
Chloe Degitz Female Youth-B 3,700 9
E. Bryn Kelley Female Youth-B 5 11



Benjamin Roberts Male Youth-C 14,075 1
Nuri El-Masri Male Youth-C 9,770 2
Andrey Malkov Male Youth-C 9,390 3
Campbell Pitcairn Male Youth-C 8,400 4
ETHAN KNIGHT Male Youth-C 8,375 5
Zac Kroeger Male Youth-C 8,370 6
Owen Russell Male Youth-C 7,775 7
Michael Stefanou Male Youth-C 7,695 8
Gabe Kuhns Male Youth-C 7,690 9
Caleb O’Neill Male Youth-C 4,595 10



Samantha Lofman Female Youth-C 9,400 1
Abigail Bammerlin Female Youth-C 7,185 2
Abrielle DiVecchio Female Youth-C 6,590 3
Marissa Karpinski Female Youth-C 5,295 4
Brie Wight Female Youth-C 4,580 5
Maggie Spies Female Youth-C 300 6



Hobbs Kessler Male Youth-D 9,395 1
William Kelly Male Youth-D 8,985 2
Jake Hamilton Male Youth-D 8,400 3
Nico Hollick Male Youth-D 7,985 4
Andrew Miller Male Youth-D 7,800 5
Zachary Hammer Male Youth-D 7,655 6
Bryan Karpinski Male Youth-D 5,570 7



Maggie Hammer Female Youth-D 9,390 1
Alice Hamilton Female Youth-D 7,685 2
Darcy Faber Female Youth-D 7,100 3
Trinity Loyd Female Youth-D 6,140 4
Bridget Weiss Female Youth-D 5,600 5
Emma Fader Female Youth-D 5,590 6
Natalie Kessler Female Youth-D 3,990 7
Sophie Dunlap Female Youth-D 2,975 8

SEND 2012 ABS Comp Info

SEND 2012: October 27


Youth Competition

Registration 9am

Climbing 10am-1pm

Costume Contest/Awards following

Citizen Competition

Registration 2:30pm

Climbing 3:30-6:30

Cost: Preregistration October 1-26 $25 USAC Member, $30 Non-USAC Member

Day Of Registration $30 USAC Member, $35 Non-USAC Member

Tee Shirt/Size Pref cannot be guaranteed after 10/14.

Citizen Comp Prizes: $2200 Cash Purse for Open Category, Other category Prizes include: Asana Crashpad, Metolius Hangboard, Misty Mountain Bolt Harness, Guidebooks to The Red, and The New, Chalkbags/Buckets, and more!

Register by Phone with Credit Card: (513)733-0123

Side Note: Youth A and Jr categories can receive local credit for either competition. Youth B, C, and D may only receive local credit if they compete in the morning competition. Everyone may only compete in one session.


Youth Team Information

Fall Teams Now Forming

We have team offerings for all levels, ages 6-19 see details below.

Jr. Team

This program is for young climbers to gain confidence and a basic foundation for climbing technique. They will learn how to follow routes, body movement and control, as well as increased balance and strength.

Ages 6-9

Practice Thursdays 6-7:30pm

Cost $75/month-includes RQ membership

Call (513)733-0123


Rec Team

The Rec Team is for climbers who want to climb for fun and aren’t necessarily interested in competition climbing. This program will develop skills in these climbers such as: strength, agility, climbing technique, and confidence.

Ages 10-15

Practice Tuesdays 6-7:30

Cost $75/month-includes RQ membership

Call (513)733-0123 to register




Regionals Info

SCS Youth Regional Championship

May 12,2012


7:30am  Iso Opens
8:30am  Iso Closes
8:40am  Competitor Meeting
8:55am  Previews Begin
9:15am  Climbing Begins
10:30am Group 4 Finishes Sport
11:00am Group 3 Finishes Sport, Speed Warm Up opens for Group 4
11:15am Group 2 Finishes Sport
11:30 am Group 4 begins speed, speed warm-up Group 3
11:45am  Group 1 Finishes Sport, Group 3 speed Begins, Speed warm-up Group 2
12:15pm  Speed warm-up Group 1
12:30 pm Group 1 speed
1:15ish pm  Awards for all!
Regionals Running Order-all groups running concurrently
Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
Timothy Corrigan Mackenzie Janssen Abigail Bammerlin Benjamin Roberts
Andrew Swartz Katrina Roccos Molly Marek Zac Kroeger
Erik Libbe MYB E.Bryn Kelley Zachary Hammer
Griffin Fuller Luc Le Pottier Sarah Morand William Kelly
Jared Kaufman Mehul Patel MYC Robert Miner
FJR Joaquin Moeller Samuel Roberts FYD
Mimi Shiba Adrian Reed Twiss Simon Nicol Sophie Dunlap
MYA Jordan Hardee Nuri El-Masri Maggie Hammer
Derek Southward Jacob Spiegel Jon Osterhues Samantha Lofman
Joseph Graham Luke Crowe Gus Roussi
Taylor Hansen Benjamin Anson Jacob Webster
Shayne McNeill Sasha Maxey A.J. Seymour
Alex Southward FYB Max Hammer
Levi Durham Erica Meister
John Maloney Elizabeth DeHaan
Dan McMahon Julia Aranow
Dylan Barks Melissa Connop
Jeremy Lipshaw
Samuel Hughes
Adam Dock
Jesse Whitinger
Felix Nicol
Jacob Priebe

Other Details:
Volunteer Meeting Friday May 11, 7pm @ RockQuest
Cooper’s Crepes will be set up in the parking lot from 8am on to serve crepes of all sorts for anyone interested.
RockQuest will be open following competition clean up, if anyone wants to stick around and give any route another go!
Any Questions cal (513)733-0123

March Update

There’s a lot going on at RQ this March.

March 23: LOCKER CLEAN OUT! Make sure all lockers are registered and cleaned out by this day, for renovation purposes. If they are not, locks will be removed and contents placed in the Lost and Found.

March 26-April 1: GEAR UP SALE!! All merchandise, punch passes and pre-paid memberships(this excludes autopay membership) will be 10%off. Current members take an additional 10%off.

March 26-27: LATE START DAYS! RQ will open at 12pm these days instead of 10am due to the lobby renovation(floors getting polished) Also look for partial bathroom closure,( we may have to make a unisex bathroom for a couple days while we redo the bathroom floor epoxy) which is why you need to make sure your locker is cleaned out!

March 27: EVOLV SHOE DEMO! Come out from 4-9pm and try out some awesome climbing shoes, try them on your projects, and then buy them with the discount during the sale!

March 31: FOOD FOR CLIMB! Bring in your friends and neighbors and lots of cans for our annual canned food drive. Remember, all admission and rentals will be paid for in cans this day. We will also have a raffle and other fun stuff going on, come on in and support the Freestore Foodbank of Greater Cincinnati!!

Costs are as follows:

Daily Fee                ………………6 canned goods

Harness Rental      ………………2 canned goods

Shoe Rental                 ………………2 canned goods

Belay Lesson          ………………5 canned goods

Taste of Climbing  ………………4 canned goods (includes 2 climbs with RQ belayer and gear)

January Update

Lots of exciting things coming up this month.

Climbing Team News

New Season Starting

Training Now in Session Join In! Mondays and Wednesdays 5:30-8:30pm

Training Cost: $110

Parent Meeting: Tues. January 24 6:30pm

Tryout: Wednesday February 1, 5:30-8:30pm

Cincinnati Slopers Competitive Youth Climbing Team is gearing up for SCS, aka Rope Season. We are currently recruiting all youth ages 10 and up with an interest in climbing, competing, and having fun! For more information see the Slopers page under Youth Programs/Teams.

Youth Programs

2nd Annual Rock’n Lock-in Saturday January 7

Time: 8pm-9am

Ages 10 and up

Cost: $20

Includes: Tons of climbing raffle ticket for awesome prizes and if you wear your favorite super hero costume you may be eligible for even more prizes.  Pizza and baked goods also available for purchase during this event.  This event is a fundraiser for our Cincinnati Slopers. Call (513)733-0123 and pre-register to be eligible for an additional raffle ticket. Sign your kids and their friends up, then enjoy a night out! Please make sure they have a signed waiver with them, available for download on the home page.


Thanks to everyone who came out for our comp, we actually had a 50% increase from last year, so thanks for being patient with a crowd and a little craziness. That really says a lot for the growth in the sport of climbing. We hope everyone had an awesome time, we certainly did. Here are the results, Congratulations to all our climbers, you are all AWESOME!!







Female Open   Total Points
1 Rachel Meyers 18,700
2 Anna Leskov 15,400
3 Sara Garland 13,785
4 Lindsay Brueggeman 7,500
Female Beginner  
1 Jaclyn Schwartz 9,890
2 Christine Bennett 7,700
3 Elaine Highfield 4,480
4Brittany Lewin 3,600
Female Masters  
1 Lisa Hammer 3,890
Female Junior  
1 Mimi Shiba 11,200
2 Sarah Kemes 8,190
3 Alexandra Hetrick 7,690
Female Youth A  
1 Lucy Elliott 12,595
2 Katrina Roccos 8,485
3Elizabeth Hawkins 6,100
4 Rebecca Garcia 6,100
5 Evelyn Reahrey 6,000
Female Youth B  
1 Annaleah Fields 14,590
2 Tessa Imperial 9,595
3Elizabeth Roberts 7,695
4 Caroline Janssen 6,785
5 Jaclyn Cornett 6,665
6 Helen Wharton 3,800
Female Youth C  
1 Kelly Piper 8,900
2 Minda Silvestre 8,475
3 Ali VanZwieten 7,985
4 Allison Price 7,895
5 E.Bryn Kelley 7,390
6 Sarah Morand 7,190
7 Makenna Sisemore 5,480
Female Youth D  
1 Samantha Lofman 10,075
2 Shae Kelly 8,485
3 Bella Wecksler 7,600
4 Maggie Hammer 6,300
5 Abigail Scherer 5,275
6 Molly McDonough 2,360
7 Sophie Dunlap 995
Male Open   Total Points
1 Aaron Schneider 21,120
2 David Linz 20,055
3 Michael Fischer 18,790
4 Andrew Wheatley 17,960
Male Advanced  
1 Ben Berg 16,990
2 Andrew Stryker 16,385
3 Konstantin Leskov 15,800
Male Intermediate  
1 Mitch Vernon 16,000
2Taylor Harmon 14,255
3 Jeff Kayse 12,275
4 Mike Kelley 7,285
Male Masters    
1 Scott Cooper 9,690
2 Mike Econs 9,175
3 Paul Vernon 6,580
4 Kevin Needler 6,495
5 Kenny Morand 4,280
Male Junior    
1Griffin Fuller 18,765
2Austin Imperial 16,670
3 Evan Henry 14,275
4Austin Sum 13,290
Male Youth A    
1 Dan McMahon 19,500
2 Alex Southward 18,475
3 Robert Econs 17,455
4 Samuel Gould 16,750
5 Derek Southward 15,355
6 Simon Schoenneman-Poppeliers 12,685
7 Miro Sobrer 12,365
8 John Maloney 10,095
9 Felix Nicol 8,190
10 Thomas Cooper 7,000
11 Nathan Frankovitz 6,400
12 Liam Reis 5,785
Male Youth B    
1 Jacob Spiegel 13,660
2 Caleb Dudley 13,175
3 Will Robinson 11,995
4 Luke Crowe 11,700
5 Mehul Patel 8,885
6 Abel Eastwood 8,285
7Jordan Hardee 7,775
8 Wyatt Law 6,885
9 Nick Bernloehr 5,265
Male Youth C    
1 Max Hammer 15,255
2 Jake Fields 11,785
3 Samuel Roberts 9,300
4Jordan Shields 8,990
5 Dashiell Schoenneman-Poppeliers 7,995
6Jackson Tankersley 7,690
7 Jon Osterhues 7,100
8 Gus Roussi 6,880
9 Andrey Malkov 6,800
10 Nuri El-Masri 6,780
11 Jacob Coryea 6,500
12 A.J. Seymour 5,900
13 Simon Nicol 5,300
14 Wyatt Spies 5,295
Male Youth D    
1 Benjamin Roberts 12,125
2 Max Elliott 6,200
3 Zac Kroeger 6,000
4 Christopher Econs 4,700
5 Zachary Hammer 2,695
6 John Wharton 2,300