Thanks to everyone who came out, we hope you had a great time!

Here are the Results

Category Place Name
Female REC 1 Tania Dobusch
Female REC 2 Emmalee Orlett
Female REC 3 Ashley Ward
Female REC 4 Sarah Frisbie
Female REC 5 Paisley Dandenault
Female REC 6 Carly Pritchard
Male REC 1 Tyler Staudigel
Male REC 2 Alexander Hock
Male REC 3 Justin Houseknecht
Male REC 4 Alex Ramey
Male REC 5 Tri Nguyen
Male REC 6 Chuck Statt
Female INT 1 Lindsey Brueggeman
Female INT 2 Nadia Nutgrass
Female INT 3 Lilly Irwin
Female INT 4 Bizzy Young
Male INT 1 Brian Eck
Male INT 2 Grant Sperry
Male INT 3 Kris Kallenberger
Male INT 4 Minh-Tri Vu
Male INT 5 Jon Straub
Male INT 6 Paul Stewart
Male INT 7 Tommy Dalziel
Male INT 8 Brad Hoeweler, SR
Male INT 9 Phyre Brill
Male INT 10 Anthony Botting
Male INT 11 Mahlia May
Male INT 12 Allen Conner
Male INT 13 Kole Riggs
Female ADV 1 Ashley Hoang
Female ADV 2 Lydia Filgis
Female ADV 3 Amanda Eck
Male ADV 1 Marcelle Bonterre
Male ADV 2 Kory Cooper-Fenske
Male ADV 3 Ryan Matthys
Male ADV 4 Greg Eichhorn
Male ADV 5 Joel Blachman
Male ADV 6 Bradley Hoeweler
Male ADV 7 Brandon Cooper
Female OPEN 1 Sara Berg
Female OPEN 2 Abby Bammerlin
Male OPEN 1 Michael Fisher
Male OPEN 2 Derek Southward
Male OPEN 3 Matt Maples
Male OPEN 4 Mitch Vernon