Regionals Info

SCS Youth Regional Championship

May 12,2012


7:30am  Iso Opens
8:30am  Iso Closes
8:40am  Competitor Meeting
8:55am  Previews Begin
9:15am  Climbing Begins
10:30am Group 4 Finishes Sport
11:00am Group 3 Finishes Sport, Speed Warm Up opens for Group 4
11:15am Group 2 Finishes Sport
11:30 am Group 4 begins speed, speed warm-up Group 3
11:45am  Group 1 Finishes Sport, Group 3 speed Begins, Speed warm-up Group 2
12:15pm  Speed warm-up Group 1
12:30 pm Group 1 speed
1:15ish pm  Awards for all!
Regionals Running Order-all groups running concurrently
Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
Timothy Corrigan Mackenzie Janssen Abigail Bammerlin Benjamin Roberts
Andrew Swartz Katrina Roccos Molly Marek Zac Kroeger
Erik Libbe MYB E.Bryn Kelley Zachary Hammer
Griffin Fuller Luc Le Pottier Sarah Morand William Kelly
Jared Kaufman Mehul Patel MYC Robert Miner
FJR Joaquin Moeller Samuel Roberts FYD
Mimi Shiba Adrian Reed Twiss Simon Nicol Sophie Dunlap
MYA Jordan Hardee Nuri El-Masri Maggie Hammer
Derek Southward Jacob Spiegel Jon Osterhues Samantha Lofman
Joseph Graham Luke Crowe Gus Roussi
Taylor Hansen Benjamin Anson Jacob Webster
Shayne McNeill Sasha Maxey A.J. Seymour
Alex Southward FYB Max Hammer
Levi Durham Erica Meister
John Maloney Elizabeth DeHaan
Dan McMahon Julia Aranow
Dylan Barks Melissa Connop
Jeremy Lipshaw
Samuel Hughes
Adam Dock
Jesse Whitinger
Felix Nicol
Jacob Priebe

Other Details:
Volunteer Meeting Friday May 11, 7pm @ RockQuest
Cooper’s Crepes will be set up in the parking lot from 8am on to serve crepes of all sorts for anyone interested.
RockQuest will be open following competition clean up, if anyone wants to stick around and give any route another go!
Any Questions cal (513)733-0123