Lead Climbing Series

Lead climbing requires more skill and overall awareness. Not only do you have the puzzle of the climb to solve, but you also have to decide when & how to clip, all while managing your body position and stress levels. With these greater challenges though come greater rewards — nothing compares with the feeling of success from completing a lead climb that was extremely challenging for you. If you’re intrigued, and want to learn how to safely lead & lead belay, this series is for you.

Our series consists of two two-hour classes. The first class will be conducted on the ground, and deals primarily with how to lead belay properly. Lead belaying places your partner’s life in your hands, and we’ll cover the variables you need to consider while belaying in addition to the basic lead belay techniques. At the end of the first session, we’ll discuss (and practice) clipping so that you have the opportunity to practice on your own in preparation for the second session

The second class will cover everything you need to know to lead climb. We will cover clipping, body position on lead, and how to safely fall. This class is conducted on the wall to give you hands-on practice clipping, climbing, & belaying , so be prepared to climb!


Lead exams are not part of this series. They can be administered any time after completion of the classes by any staff member.


  • Cost: $50 per class or $90 for both
  • Minimum age to belay is 13
  • Available Mon. – Fri.
  • Registration required
  • Call RockQuest at (513) 733-0123 to schedule
This class is taught by Jeremy Kupferman. Please click here for Jeremy’s bio.


RockQuest Climbing Center  3475 East Kemper Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45241 (513)733-0123